Digital Control Lab

Custom Hardware and Software Design

Digital Control Lab will custom design and build hardware for customers with various needs. Examples of custom built products are identified below.

Hardware Related

GE Medical - High speed triple channel serial generator

University of Toronto - High speed (25 MHz) 32-bit digital signal generator

Undersea Research Program Office (GA Tech) - Multiple digital I/O DSP board

Zeger Abrams - High speed A/D & dual D/A, digital I/O DSP board

Sarclad International - Multiple channel A/D & D/A DSP based motherboard

Assurance Technology - 64-channel digital input & output add-on board

Software Related

IBM/CitiBank - Automatic voice detection & dialing system for telephony

Sabine Music - Various musical pitch/temporal shifting algorithms

Tao Systems - Maximum frequency component detector for aerospace product. Time constant analyzer for aerospace product. Interactive flow measurement, DSP algorithms for wind tunnel testing

VLSI - Algorithms for head tracker hardware